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With female friends alcohol was always involved though, and sometimes they opted to wear undies. But even photo it isn't common. Submit a new text post. I've been to sauna naked with a crush several times, and I can tell you there are enough other things finnish nude worry about in the moment. Based on personal experience I'd actually agree, but I remember reading about a survey which indicated it would be close to half especially if sauna include swimsuits in the equation.

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But this depends and some don't feel it as an issue even after puberty. August 23, at 4: Do 14 years old boys and girls see themselves naked in saunas after school? More so in college and after that age.

Finnish nude photo sauna
Finnish nude photo sauna
Finnish nude photo sauna
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One thing I'd like to point out is that mixed sauna isn't an sexual thing. And it is partially true. Public places you can have swimsuit on hygienic reasons mainly. Sauna culture in continental Europe is a bit different from Finnish sauna culture.

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Finnish nude photo sauna
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