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Originally coming into guy teen two with Supermanthe group would eventually hire the mercenary Deathstroke to eliminate the Titans, beginning an ongoing struggle between the three factions. A trio of H. A group of assassins hired by the nation of Qurac to kill Cheshire after she nearly destroyed the guy teen two. This is a list of fictional characters from DC Comics who are or have been enemies of the Teen Titans. Having possessed so many evil beings, he was again corrupted by evil.

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List of Teen Titans enemies

Brainiac 8 was sent back in time to kill Donna Troy because in the future she turns the tide in a war with Colu. A founding member of the Blood SyndicateLeonard Smalls would be released from the team for being too violent and go on to become guy teen two leading figure in the Dakota underworld as Holocaust. Originally an enemy of the BatmanMr.

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Retreating to the high school Caligan used to experiment on teens, Headcase leads the battle against the teen heroes with fellow experiments Jock, Doll Face, and the Feral Boys. Led by N'Takki, who posed as a man named Pylon, most of the Veil was eliminated using poisonous gas when the organization outlived its usefulness. Robert Long, the son of Donna Troy and Terry Long, is born as a god, aging himself to adulthood, slays his parents, and conquers Earth in an alternate timeline. An internationally renowned guy teen two thief that the Teen Titans were requested to help bring to justice.

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